• The Citadel of SuperBase


Hourly Constant 5% Rebase System with Advanced Synthetic Token Economics

Rebase Mechanism

5% rebase occurs every hour if price is above peg, that means holders get 5% extra tokens every hour if price is above peg

No negative rebase.

Dynamic Peg

Peg price increases by 50% after two back to back rebase.

Peg price decreases by 20% after two hours of no rebase.

Autoliquidity Generation

3.75% of the sell fees collected from sellers are paired with ETH to generate liquidity pool tokens, which are locked forever in the contract.

Frictionless Yield

Holders earn passive rewards 0f 5% of the sell fees through reflection as they watch their balance of SuperBase grow indefinitely.

Advance Burn Reaction

The supply of SBASE is also deflationary where 1.25% of Super BASE token collected from sell fees is burnt through sell fees



Super Base combines the Rebasing concept,
Auto Liquidity generation, and the Big brained RFI tech by taking a 10% fee on every Uniswap sell.

Token Economics

Token Name - Super Base

Token Symbol - SBASE

Total Supply - 6,700,000 SBASE

Private Sale - 312,500 SBASE (5%)

Presale - 1,944,460 SBASE (29%)

Liquidity - 1,575,000 SBASE (24%)

Marketing - 635,404 SBASE (9%)

Team - 406,936 SBASE (6%)

To be burnt - 1,825,700 SBASE (27%)

Initial market cap - $383K

Presale Details

Date and Time - TBA after contract review (audit) from Solidity Finance

Presale will be hosted on unicrypt, trading on Uniswap will be immediately after Presale is over.

Locking of liquidity immediately upon listing

Hardcap - 80 ETH

Private sale - 10 ETH (1 ETH = 31,250 SBASE)

Minimum and maximum buy per wallet - 1 ETH

Public sale - 70 ETH (1 ETH = 27,778 SBASE)

Minimum buy per wallet - 1 ETH

Maximum buy per wallet - 3 ETH

(presale duration is 24 hours max)